Two Parties

    Post 2013-03

The US Federal government is currently dominated by two political parties.

One of the parties is identified as the Democratic Party and described as liberals, socialists, progressives, leftists, and statists. If you listen to their opponents you would hear that they hate…
the military, guns, Christianity, Israel, the wealthy, employment, free speech, corporations, the country, and humanity.
The other party is identified as the Republican Party and described as conservatives, and rightists.
If you listen to their opponents you would hear that they hate…
women, old people, minorities, the poor, and Muslims.

If you are a member of either party you might be offended by the accusations against your party, and yourself. There seems to be little tolerance, and both sides say that those who don’t agree with them are closed minded. Since one party appears to represent the poor and disadvantaged, and the other appears to represent the wealthy and over-advantaged, I want a party that represents the middle class, average person who is willing to contribute to society through their employment, yet are mostly interested in enjoying time with their family and friends. This is the group the other parties are burdening to support their constituencies and to impose their social engineering.

I don’t like the labels given to the two parties. They are inaccurate, pejorative, or have lost their original meaning. I prefer to think of them as “Pears”. Let’s call the “left” the Bosco Pears, and let’s call the “right” the Bartlett Pears. The intent is to find names with no pre-conceived meaning or connotation.

For now, I am the candidate for President of the United States of America from the Orange Party. Again, the intent is to find a name with no pre-conceived meaning or connotation. So, it is the Oranges versus the Pears.


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