Eligible Voters

    Post 2013-002

The eligible voters can be segmented into three categories…

  1. Those that would blindly vote for one of the two major parties
  2. Those that would vote emotionally based on the stated goals of the party with the best marketing
  3. Those that are aligned with the unstated goals of one of the parties.

There is little chance I can receive the votes of those in categories one and three.  I must hope that I am able to convince more of those in category two to vote for me, than those in categories one, two, and three who will vote for any other candidate.  So, I must make a compelling argument for the virtues of my positions and a compelling argument for those inclined toward that position to actually vote.

This blog is the beginning of the adventure and its challenges.

Conjecture: There are many people who would disagree with the unstated goals (aka hidden agendas) of the two sides.


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